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Our District leads the entire nation in number of uninsured. 


With District average individual income of about $18,000 per year, healthcare is never “affordable". 

As your U.S. House Representative, I will fight to ensure continued emergency care access and healthcare options for our lowest income citizens while protecting the free-market economy.

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As a sovereign nation, we must take care of seniors who cannot help themselves. I support a Social Security type  benefit for contributors and eligible participants.

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As a teacher, I am keenly aware of the necessary elements to succeed in education. I support advanced training programs for all ages and early childhood education. I am dedicated to working to ensure that education standards and access are supported through federal legislation. 

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I will work to reform DACA and eliminate inhumane processing of illegal immigrants while providing for enforcement of immigration laws.

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The global climate is changing. As a nation, we must do our part in the fight against global climate concerns with supportive legislation.

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Perhaps the most important freedom of the American Society to individuals and their businesses, religious freedom, must be preserved including the right to pray at school.

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I support the constitutional right to bear arms. I will introduce and support legislation that increases security for public schools in an effort to reduce gun violence.

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As your U.S. House Representative, I will support investments to U.S. military and other security affiliates as required to keep America safe including food and health safety.

Road and Bridge Network


As your U.S. House Representative, I will invest whatever necessary to keep you safe on the roads, bridges, and technological networks. 

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Breakdowns in the U.S. justice system are numerous creating inequality in the distribution of justice. As your U.S. House Representative, I will propose and/or endorse administrative support for innocence projects and decriminalization where inequitable criminal justice analysis exists.

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60% of Americans earn less than $40,000 per year. In the District, the average individual income is around $18,000 per year.


Minority (ie. Hispanic, African American) households are earning over 41% LESS than White households. I will advocate for wealth distribution equality. I support a federal minimum wage increase although only a temporary solution and will advocate for sustainable job creation solutions.  


America is in debt. I shall work to balance our budget.


Millions of homeless citizens of the United States live on the streets, in shelters, and in homes of another family. 

I will work to introduce legislation that will help to eliminate street-dwelling homelessness in the United States.


I am competent regarding our housing market. 

The cost of housing in the District and U.S. continues to consume disproportionate percentages of household income and often result in homelessness for full-time workers. As your U.S. House Representative, I will address this crisis by introducing and supporting legislation that calibrates the economy resulting in lower housing cost options for Americans.